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Sacred Heart of Jesus& Immaculate Heart of Mary Bangle - Religious Jewelry

Sacred Heart of Jesus& Immaculate Heart of Mary Bangle - Religious Jewelry

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Sacred Heart of Jesus & Immaculate Heart of Mary Bangle - 2.6 inch This bangle features a Sacred Heart of Jesus image on one side of the medal and the Immaculate Heart of Mary image on the opposite side. There is also a cross charm that varies in design.

It is said through an apparition that if you are feeling anxiety of fear, placing a blessed Sacred Heart of Jesus medal in water, removing the medal and then drinking the water will bring on the Peace of Jesus and relieve the fear and anxiety. I have personal testimony of the effectiveness so I hope this will bless you as well. Jesus to mystic Marie Julie Jahenny: To bless and purify water: A medal of My Divine Heart. A medal, traced on it My Adorable Cross. You will dip in a glass of water, these two images made of either cardboard or metal. You will drink this water that is twice blessed and twice purified. A single drop in your food, a tiny drop will be sufficient to keep away not just the scourge, but the scourges of My Justice. You will give a drop of this water to the poor souls struck by the scourges of unknown illnesses. To dissipate all fear:

To dissipate all fear and all fright you will touch your foreheads with the picture or the gentle medal of Mary Immaculate. Your spirits will remain calm. Your intelligence will not fear the approach of the terror of men. They will not feel the effects of My Great Justice. If you would like the medal blessed please let me know in a the additional notes and I will have it blessed by a priest.

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