Herbal Nourishment and Daily Skin Care

"My House has revealed to you plants with which you will rid yourselves of illnesses;

take this seriously and be grateful."


God has given remedies, preventions and anointing for our time. Discover them here, such as: Oil of the Good Samaritan, for overall immunity boosting. Ornan’s Calendula Salve and Saint Michael’s Oil have been recommended from Heaven to nourish irritated skin. Incorporate these daily as well as other items available at Help of Christians and be peacefully prepared.




Self-care remedies and prevention 



Christian Catholic Gifts 

  • Replacing Synthetic Products with Nature

    When God created the Earth, He said it was Good! He gives us everything we need to be fruitful. With so many uncertainties on with to trust with our minds, bodies and souls, it is time to seek Jehovah Rapha's (The Lord Who Heals) guidance.

    We have learned that the synthetic ingredients in all of the mass marketed foods and self-care products have contributed to many of the allergies and auto-immune and skin diseases we see today. By eliminating these ingredients, we are actually eliminating toxins from the body. Replacing our everyday care (such as lotions and soaps) items filled with toxins (preservatives, dyes and fillers) with what God has given us in nature, we increase the vitamins, minerals and overall heath of our bodies.

    We prayerfully combine this knowledge of medicinal herbals and the Word of God to bring you Help of Christians Apothecary & Gifts.

    "'For I will restore you to health

    And I will heal you of your wounds', declares the Lord"

    - Jeremiah 30:17